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Your search for 'Excite People Finder' will produce several mutual funds
inherited funds
search results, each offering just one search of one lost bank accounts
escheated property
people-information database.

The person or information you are searching for may or may not be in that data-base stocks
credit union accounts
, so you'll have to go back to the search results for Excite People Finder and go to the next website, reenter your search criteria and repeat the screen actor residuals
accounts at failed banks
searching process all over again. There is a simpler way - WebSeekPro!

WebSeekPro installs on your computer and from one user interface, enter a name just once and search trust funds
lost property
all of the major web sites which came up in your search for excite people finder - no matter what you're searching for - inheretance, savings bonds, money orders or American Indian Fund. No more searching for individual sites one at a time - no more entering and reentering search information in multiple search engines.

Excite People Finder Information

WebSeekPro itself does not contain information. It is a software program which searches Internet databases for such things as inheretence, government refunds, forgotten money and treasure hunt. The databases contain only the information that has been inputted into them - just like a filing cabinet. If someone has not made a 'data entry' of pay checks, teacher's retirement system, unclaimed life insurance or bonds, it won't be found using WebSeekPro or any other search method. The data must exist in order to be found.

WebSeekPro is guaranteed to successfully search those databases old bank accounts, veteran benefits lost, insurance policies or any people information. It is not guaranteed that the information you seek is contained in those sources.

If you use WebSeekPro to search the databases for inheritance, cd's, postal money orders or whatever, whether you find what you are looking for or not, the software has performed as promised.

We guarantee that WebSeekPro will download, install and run properly. If there is a problem, we will fix it. Just report exactly what you were attempting to do (download, install, or run the program), what you were searching for (FHA refunds, insurance monies, IRS refunds - for example - and what error message was presented.

Claiming unclaimed money free is as easy as can be. Anyone can and should do it. If you or someone you knows think they have money owed to them, it is easy claiming unclaimed money. Every year billions of dollars go unclaimed and is deposited in state depositories waiting to be found. Some of this money never is claimed because you may not even think you have owed to you. After the death of a family member or every couple of years you should do asearch on claiming unclaimed money. Money is deposited every year from sources such as checks being delivered to the wrong address, job transfers, deposits, stocks, bonds, inheritances, government refund checks or even businesses and banks that have gone bankrupt. In todays world, where everything is so fast paced, it is easy to lose track of money that is owed to you. By claiming unclaimed money, you are getting what you deserve. Claim Unclaimed Money today! It maybe the best thing that happens to you today. Every year money that goes unclaimed is put into state depositories and sits there waiting to be claimed by the rightful owner. Claim Unclaimed Money today. Thousands of people do not even know there is unclaimed money to be found. To claim unclaimed money is very easy. You or someone you know may not even realize that you were owed a deposit or maybe you had checks that were undeliverable or delivered to the wrong place by an error. You still are entitled to this money. Claim unclaimed money today from the state that belongs to you. Have you moved? Maybe you had deposits coming to you from utility companies or a bank account that you forgot about. Maybe a relative or friend died suddenly and left you money but did tell you, Claim Unclaimed Money today.

US Savings Bond Search -55 Million Americans own US government savings bonds, long popular as gifts and investments purchased through payroll withholding. The Bureau of Public Debt calculates the redemption value of uncashed and lost U.S. savings bonds at $8 billion. The problem is so substantial the Bureau intends to cease issuing paper bonds by the end of 2005. In addition to missing savings bonds, each year thousands of new savings bonds and bond interest payments go undelivered when the savings bond owner moves and fails to provide a forwarding address, and millions of dollars in savings bonds held under government safekeeping programs remain unclaimed. All U S savings bonds stop earning interest at final maturity, 40 years or less from issue, but they could still be worth more than five times their original face value! Only owners of Series H or HH bonds that pay interest by check (less than 1% of all bonds) are notified when bonds reach final maturity. All other bond holders (including owners of Series EE savings bonds) must take affirmative action to replace or redeem lost bonds. It's important to note that because savings bonds are issued by the Bureau of Public Debt, a U.S. Federal agency, lost, unredeemed and undelivered bonds will not show up in search of your state unclaimed property database.Unclaimed Inheritance Tracer - Unclaimed Asset Search Assets become legally abandoned after the original owners or rightful heirs fail to 'communicate an inter- est' in them over a period of time. The period of time that must pass before an asset is considered legally abandoned - the 'dormancy period' - is set by law. It varies with the type of property involved, but generally runs one to five years. If, at the end of the dormancy period, there has been no owner directed activity, those holding the assets - insurance companies, banks, brokerages, trade and credit unions, employers and utilities - transfer them to the protective custody of a government trust account in a process known as 'escheat.' Dormancy typically occurs with name changes after marriage or divorce, expiration of a forwarding order after a move, as a result of computer and clerical errors, and with the death of a family member. Relatives are often unaware they're entitled to collect an inheritance. Government agencies, insurance companies and other holders of unclaimed funds make little or no effort to contact you - you must initiate a search. Note: Unclaimed asset tracers often specialize in locating owners of unclaimed money and abandoned assets before they are remitted to government custody.

Unclaimed Government Employee Retirement Benefits -Many government employee records at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Retirement Operations Center are not computerized, making it virtually impossible for the government to determine when a federal retirement benefit goes unclaimed and unpaid. Unclaimed retirement funds are not declared abandoned unless unclaimed by the employee's 115th birthday or 30 years after death; but virtually no effort is made to find lost employees owed government pension benefits. Unclaimed federal retirement benefits - including Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) distributions, a defined-contribution plan created by the Federal Employees' Retirement System Act of 1986 to supplement Federal Employees Retirement System benefits - will not show up in a standard state unclaimed property search.

You can also hire a service to do the searching for you.


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