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Telus People Finder

Telus People Finder


Your search for 'Telus People Finder' will produce several search results, each offering just one search of one people-information database.

The person or information you are searching for may or may not be in that data-base so you'll have to go back to the search results for Telus People Finder and go to the next website, reenter your search criteria and repeat the searching process all over again. There is a simpler way - WebSeekPro!

WebSeekPro installs on your computer and from one user interface, enter a name just once and search all of the major web sites which came up in your search for telus people finder - no matter what you're searching for - inheiritance, inheritance, life insurance proceeds or inheritence. No more searching for individual sites one at a time - no more entering and reentering search information in multiple search engines.

Telus People Finder Information

WebSeekPro itself does not contain information. It is a software program which searches Internet databases for such things as missing inheritances, life insurance benefits, bankruptcy funds and unfound assets. The databases contain only the information that has been inputted into them - just like a filing cabinet. If someone has not made a 'data entry' of pay checks, teacher retirement system, savings bonds or IRS refund, it won't be found using WebSeekPro or any other search method. The data must exist in order to be found.

WebSeekPro is guaranteed to successfully search those databases screen actor residuals , insurance policies, lottery winnings or any people information. It is not guaranteed that the information you seek is contained in those sources.

If you use WebSeekPro to search the databases for safe deposit boxes, escheating, lost bank accounts or whatever, whether you find what you are looking for or not, the software has performed as promised.

We guarantee that WebSeekPro will download, install and run properly. If there is a problem, we will fix it. Just report exactly what you were attempting to do (download, install, or run the program), what you were searching for (unclaimed life insurance, inherited funds, stocks - for example - and what error message was presented.

With millions of dollars in lost money just sitting out there unclaimed, you owe it to yourself to see if some of that money is rightfully yours! And it might surprise you to know that the odds are actually in your favor to find some money in your name or a family memberís name that you didnít know existed! Many people spend wads of money on lottery tickets - this small investment has a much greater potential for actual profit. When you use software to find an unclaimed asset, all you do is enter a last name one time to search multiple state and national resources for money and other assets held by local, state and federal government (including the military), utility and life insurance companies, corporations, banks and much more. This software can even show you how to search for funds in other countries. Additionally, this software will show you how to start your own business as a third party asset finder - if you get good at finding abandoned property for yourself, friends and family members, you can venture out and perform the same service for others - and have an additional source of income! Itís your program to use to your heartís content. And thereís never an additional cost.

Unclaimed Government Employee Retirement Benefits -Many government employee records at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Retirement Operations Center are not computerized, making it virtually impossible for the government to determine when a federal retirement benefit goes unclaimed and unpaid. Unclaimed retirement funds are not declared abandoned unless unclaimed by the employee's 115th birthday or 30 years after death; but virtually no effort is made to find lost employees owed government pension benefits. Unclaimed federal retirement benefits - including Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) distributions, a defined-contribution plan created by the Federal Employees' Retirement System Act of 1986 to supplement Federal Employees Retirement System benefits - will not show up in a standard state unclaimed property search.

What does unclaimed asset recovery software do? Unclaimed asset recovery software finds and collects all searchable databases from the Internet and creates a single, easy-to-use interface on your desktop, whereby you can search one database after the other without having to plod through search engine after search engine. Unclaimed asset recovery software can quickly search the Internet to find bank accounts, insurance refunds, inheritances and utility deposits. Because it will check all fifty of the available state databases, you can be sure that unclaimed asset recovery software will find anything thatís rightfully yours, even if itís being held in the financial entityís home state and not your own. Finding abandoned Federal money is much more difficult than other types - you have to know exactly where (city and state) and with which specific agency (IRS, etc.) you might have abandoned money.

Have you been contacted by a professional asset tracer demanding 25% or more to recover unclaimed money? Since pre - escheat assets don't show up in unclaimed property databases, they can be difficult to locate without assistance. It is often possible, however, to locate unclaimed money by going directly to sources used by professional asset tracers.


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