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Philippines People Search

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Searching for people in the PI was very difficult pre-Internet. To search for someone required shoe leather and miles to visit localities where the person may have hailed from, visited or resided because communication outside closed communities was nearly nonexistent, which also accounts for the fact that one hundred seventy languages are spoken in the country.

The upside to Philippines search might have been that people being sought might have been known by a large number of people within the community, making him or her more easily found.

Search People's Backgrounds Search People's Backgrounds

To search for people in the Philippines, it may be helpful to know their heritage:

Searching in the Philippine Islands Present Day Searching in the Philippine Islands

If you've ever visited the Philippines and spent time at the local level, it's readily apparent that many people don't work, money is scarce and so entertainment options are limited, pretty much enslaving the population to their cell phones and the obsessive pastime of 'texting'. (The only other forms of whiling the hours away are singing, waiting for the next roasted pig, and church.) By 2021 the estimate of the percentage of the population with cell phones is forty percent, so where is/will be the best places to people search?

Still the majority of the Philippino population doesn't have or can't afford a cell phone and that is responsible, in part, for the huge increase in the number of Internet cafes. Combine that with those who have access to the Internet on cell phones - the 'majority' of the younger population is connected to the outside world via the WWW.

People-Search Destinations Likely People-Search Destinations

Number one on the sites most likely to have information about a Filipino is Facebook. Perhaps more than any other nation, the Philippines is the hub of Facebook popularity and use. A Filipino without a page is totally uncool. A page is second only to one's cell-phone number.

To this day there may be not a shred of awareness in this country that anything and everything posted to Facebook is etched in stone and accessible to any government that cares to strong arm Zuckerburger for data. That fact may be inconsequential as the conservative good nature of the general population restricts most activities to local petty crimes of disinterest to the NBI (the Philippine's FBI), much less the Masoud or Five Eyes.

The next-most-likely type of websites for people search are dating sites with the limitation that real personal data (real name, etc) isn't used, but 'usernames'. Still, if a username is known, Googling might find the person in question. How many 'pantsonfire69' can there be? Yes, search engines like Google 'spider' dating sites, ie, they access the sites, record the information found, rank it and present it when the trippy keyword search phrase related to our target is used.

Whoa! Got a picture? Doesn't have to be of a person - can be a pic of anything but if a people picture is available, it's possible to paste or upload the image to the Google search engine in search of a match. Here's how:

  1. An image needs to be available. If the image is online, right click and choose 'save image as' then save it on the computer where you'll know where it is. Give it a name. Alternatively use a tool like Windows' Snipping Tool to capture an image and save that to the computer.
  2. Go to
  3. At the upper right click on Images.
  4. Select the camera option and chose to copy/paste the image or upload it from the computer.

Search Poker Players People Search and Poker

Strange? Not really. Poker took the Philipino Islands by storm and like our Facebook users, players have etched their personal information in databases related to the game. They've also tagged themselves with their player names so there's roughly one million or so (mostly men) whose information resides in one or more databases of gamblers.

Politicians and Actors

Any person of notoriety should be 'findable' searching in Google, Yahoo or MSN - the top three search engines in the English-speaking world. (English is the second language in the Philippines.) Rising in popularity is a search service named DuckDuckGo followed by Ask and AOL. Looking for someone of Chinese background? Try Baidu.

Search Manila Philippines for People

ESET anti-virus software is perhaps the best protection. When searching in Google for people search Manila ESET warns that a listed site ( may contain harmful content.

Attempting multiple searches for anyone in Manila on returned a message saying 'REQUEST DENIED' leaving the impression that the site is only a front for attempts to get clicks on one of six display ads heavily splattered in the upper part of the page. There's also an apparent phishing scheme with an offer to enter an email address for the "latest news and updates". Refreshing the page returns the same content. Searching from the 'resources' page for very common Filipino names returns nothing: "No entries were found. Showing zero results." The 'about us' page is entirely b.s. and from all appearances this 'website' is nothing more than a shell whose owner hopes to make money from ad clicks and possibly gather emails addresses for purposes unknown. This site links to 'sister sites' like where the same thing was experienced: no functional search.

Search for People in Cebu

Except for the poorest in the ranks, nearly every person who can afford a cell phone in the Philippines has one and they spend hours every day on it. Judging from personal observation of eight years, the most common platform on which a Filipino or Filipina might be found is Facebook followed by Google, Yahoo and Youtube. The main activity on cell phones in the Philippines is 'texting' and the above-mentioned websites may be usurped by dating sites like Asian Dating and Filino Cupid.

Cebu (located in the middle of the Philippines in the Vasayan Islands) doesn't have a dedicated directory of people or business information so using major search services like Google and MSN are likely to include information about the person sought - if data about him or her has managed to get into digital form on the WWW one way or another. High-profile personalities like politicians and entertainers are easily found while someone in the general population of one hundred ten million would have to have volunteered his/her information on sites like social and dating sites, been arrested or made the news.

With over 7,000 islands and no Internet service on many of them, an effective online people finder is difficult to develop. The people of the Philippines have been scattered and segregated, spawning about eighty-seven languages and dialects, most of which came from Malaysian-Polynesian linguistics. There are eight primary languages spoken by about 85% of the population. Filipinos in the central Vasyas speak Cebuano (or Visayan). Those in Manila use Tagalog. Ilocano is spoken in northern Luzon and Philippinos in Mindanao talk in Maranao. A national language, Pilipino, is now taught in schools in government's attempt to unify the language.

Local People Search

If you're in the hood looking for people, here are some possible sources of information that may not come readily to mind:

Free People Search Alternatives

This people search service is not free, but it's 'cheap' and does a more thorough search for people who can't be located using free services. There is no charge to search for people. Just enter a person's name and view the results. A list of people matching your criteria will be presented along with a sample of available information which you may preview without charge:

How to Avoid/Remove Online Information

When looking for a person, you may come across your details on an online people search finder, and naturally may want this information removed.

How to remove your information

You can't completely obliterate public information on yourself, especially is you've been in contact with government agencies or the court system. Reducing your digital footprint significantly is however possible through:

Hyper Focused On Your Search

The difference between people search and a regular search engine is the hyper focus on finding the person typed in the search bar. Various details of a person ought to be searchable such as where they live currently, previous towns they lived in, possible associates and so on. When there is more than one person with the same name, you can use 'filters' that will help narrow the search down for you, like adding an age or date of birth if available.

Remember, a more thorough people search will include relatives, online profiles, bankruptcies, felonies, judgments, court records, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, arrest records, assets, sexual offenses, mugshots, weapons permits and information about their address. There will also be the person's educational history, email addresses, government watch list records, death records, videos, dating profiles, social media images, blog posts, online interest, and registered domains.

How to Add or Correct Your Information

Information that is online without your consent or that which doesn't meet your approval can be added, edited, or removed. If posted by someone, such as in a social media post, the initial step would be to reach out to them, asking to have the information modified or deleted. Opting out of a data broker's website database is within your rights, and a professional attorney can assist when the process becomes slowed or messy.

Search for Military Personnel

If people have spent time in the military or are serving in the military then the search tools listed below may help find find them - thanks to the Internet which makes it easier than ever to search for people.

The military keeps track of all people who are receiving or have received a military salary. There are several commercial sites, veteran organizations and government resources that can help with your search mission.

Start Searching

Try to recall the earliest information about your military or ex-military friend. Gather all the information you possibly can and note every detail such as:

Latest Information

After that collect the latest information like:

To collect as much information as possible try the following:

Visiting the Philippines

Obama did a great job of alienating President Duterte with his arrogant snub of the Philippines and the Filipino people so it may be that Americans are more at risk of threats like extortion, kidnapping, deportation and imprisonment. No lie. It was bad enough before that faggot showed his ass to Filipinos. Now there may be less sympathy for Americans (Canadians, Germans, et. al.) getting pinched by local scams and terrorist groups.

As a tourist, visitor or foreign resident, the minute you step off the plane every eyeball looking at you belongs to a person who is intent upon making his living off the U.S. dollars in your pocket, bank account, 401k. Jest? No. Fact. Undeniable. The country should be renamed 'Land of Desperation'. "Where is the other hand of the man shaking your hand, smiling at you and calling you 'sir'. It's probably in your pocket." It's called 'tourism'.

You're going to need an ally - protection and it's not going to be free -just less than you might pay in bribes and blackmail. All those dicks in charge of stamping your passport, allowing you to wandering among them, giving you a pass - see you as a tender morsel at their table. If you are swimming alone with no serious muscle on your payroll, you're already f'd and just haven't woken up on the day when that becomes a reality. In Cebu? Look up a wonderful man by the name of A-r-i-e-l P-a-l-c-u-t-o and tell him an American named 'Steve' sent you. Someone attempts to blackmail you? Assault you? Imprison you? Call him! Put his number #1 on your speed dial. Not having a powerful ally in the Philippines is sex without a rubber, skydiving without a parachute. You're going down because you're a defenseless vulnerable foreigner. 6-3? 250 lbs? You'll just make a bigger splat when you hit bottom.

People Search and Migration

It is estimated that nine hundred fifty Philipinos leave the motherland every hour in search of employment in other countries. Of ninety-four million population, as much as twelve percent live and work abroad. Assuming that the migrants are the cream of the crop, the Islands are losing their best people, going to work for businesses and corporations that do not benefit the Filipino country or economy. (Yes, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) send money home but that's most likely spent on family and not spent on research and development, infrastructure and those things that build an economy.) In effect, the 'Philippine Diaspora' known as 'Brain Drain' is a hindrance to economic progress.

So, Filipinos and Filipinas are scattered to the four winds, mostly in the United States, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Canada, sending an estimated twenty billion dollars back home, so how can people be found in foreign lands? The best bet again are search engines which crawl the websites of the world and record information about people in residence. Countries have their own search engines (Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia) but many like the Philippines depend upon Google.

People search is a new engine feature that searches for an individual's information on the web. It requires you to enter a search either by name, phone number, email, etc. and generate a list of matching data. To quickly find people, you can input the first name and the last name. Or, you can include the initial of the middle name. Adding other information such as state, zip code, or city can help you refine your search results further. Examples of "people search" sites include PeopleFinders, and WhitePages, and dozens many more. These sites gather information from various public sources, and they match it all up into a profile of you.The search engine feature is used by individuals or companies who want to verify identities, check backgrounds, prevent fraud, screen tenants, look for addresses etc. The sites claim to provide accurate reports as information found here is generally in public records.

Posting in People Search Ads

What to write? Here's an example: "I'm looking for Roberto Reyes who we havent seen since 2001 right before 9/11. My dad Fredric Runnels said he was going back to The Philippines. Roberto, we always wonder what happened to you. You meant a lot and still do. I've been searching for so long idk if that's your real name or not. I remember you gave me mango on my birthday I'll never forget. I know you're out there somewhere. We miss you. I have brothers Chris & Darrius (Dee). I'm the only girl (Nelly). My mom.s name is Liz."

Now, if this website is recognized by the search engines and if the latter is indexing (including) ads in its searchable database then it should be possible to copy/paste any part of the communication into an engine's search box, encased in double quotes AND the ad should appear first in the search results. In this particular verification it does not. One could run multiple such examinations to determine if this is a viable source for finding people in or from The Philippines or anywhere else.

Facebot People Search

It is a simple and free search engine that is easy to use. You only need to enter the name of the person. To make the search more accurate, indicate the possible country and city of residence. Usually, you will get several pages of results. The first are those profiles that have a photo and date of birth.

But there are noticeable disadvantages. For example, when you enter the full name in the search field, it often forgets about the surname. On the other hand, those people may not appear in the Facebot database. Still, if you found a needed person, click on it to get more information.

How Much Does People Search Cost?

And finally we arrived at the page where cost of the search report is finally disclosed, clearly after all the hoopla, and this Q&A:

"Why isn't this free? Unfortunately, we have to pay for the intelligence we provide. Free reports would put us out of business."

Of special note is that one payment for one report is not possible, so we're greeted with yet another surprise - ongoing payments for potentially just the one report being sought, accompanied by this insult to our intelligence:

"Can I buy a single report? Our competitors charge more for a single report than we charge for a month of UNLIMITED reports! Why settle?"

You didn't answer the question, which is obviously "No!". So why not sign up for a monthly people search obligation? Maybe at the least you'll forget about it, we'll collect another fee next month and you'll play hell getting your money back because we've set this trap and cleverly buried 'no refunds' in our terms of service.

Is a summary really needed at this point? Clearly the presentation is all about deception - big alluring promises buffered with maybes and a lot of work to finally find out "How much?" at the end. Take a deep dive into the terms of service to see how pre-planned the scam is to get and keep your money, not matter the search result.

WikiYou is a lot like Wikipedia but it focuses on people. It is funded by the people and made by the people. WikiYou is very elusive when it comes to finding access to it. It has its headquarters in New York USA. Unfortunately the reason that WikiYou is difficult to access is that it is currently closed. It is funded through seed funding and in these volatile times this might be a temporary glitch. Goodness knows people are interested in people so the company should get on its feet if enough people seed in. Wink I had never heard of Wink before to be honest. You will need to go to Wink People Search because this is now also the name of a Smarthomes devices company. When you go to Wink you will get a simple yellow backdrop. There are no glitzy images on it to be found. Here you can look up a person's name or a location or put something in the other box. I decided I would go with my old university to just have something to test it with. Unfortunately it was not that easy to find. So I put it in my name. I was disappointed that nothing came up. All in all this is a finicky site to use but they are always willing to suggest Smart home products. Perhaps the two companies are linked after all.